6 Ingredients for Super-Healthy Smoothies

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Pack your smoothies with health power from kombucha, kefir, flax, pomegranate juice and more.

Start your day with the nutrition of a salad and the taste of dessert! These smoothies pack in healthy vegetables, fruit and herbs—plus each has a “super” ingredient, like kombucha, flaxseeds or green tea, to deliver extra benefits. Our Good Green Tea Smoothie offers 72 percent of your daily dose of cold-fighting vitamin C, while our Banana Spice Smoothie delivers 35 percent of your daily calcium needs. Just combine the ingredients in a blender, whirl until smooth and enjoy. (Each recipe serves two.)

Boasts cancer-fighting catechins.

Recipe: Good Green Tea Smoothie

Loaded with protein to help curb snack attacks.

Recipe: Tofu Tropic Smoothie

Preliminary research suggests it helps relieve sore muscles after exercise.

Recipe: Pomegranate Berry Smoothie

Drinkable yogurt full of calcium and healthy probiotics.

Recipe: Banana Spice Smoothie

A probiotic-packed fermented tea found in natural-foods stores.

Recipe: Clean Breeze Smoothie

Adds fiber and heart-healthy omega-3 fats.

Recipe: “Get Your Orange” Flax Smoothie

Source: eatingwell.com